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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Stress relief Belting to remember :)

I've been stressed, and taking it out on everyone around me. It had to end, that's what my Man whispered to me, when he came home from work.

Now on a normal day, I would have been arguing why I don't need spanking, and that I'm fine.

But those days are gone. I have decided I'm going to be honest with myself, and with my Man. I will admit to my desires, and to my needs, without being shy.

This is what I'm learning about myself. I need to be spanked, to stay calm, and centred. When I'm stressed, and my head is all over the place, a nice long spanking helps.

This is me. I need it. I want it. My Man needs it. My Man wants it.

So laid on the couch, he asked me to come over. I started to hesitate, but then I remembered my own words, held my head up, and went over, and laid myself across his lap.

He very gently pulled down my trousers, then lowered my panties, and started rubbing my already tingly ass. Then came the first smack, ouch, it was unexpected, and made me jump, but I stayed put. He started to smack, each cheek a few times, and then the next cheek a few times, and rubbed, and smacked, I could already feel the tension starting to leave my body, I got comfortable on his lap, and let him give me what was needed.

Slowly my ass was getting hotter and hotter, and could feel the stinging go right through me. He stopped, told me to go upstairs, and wait on the bed for him. I did as I was told, knowing that the belt was waiting for me.

I have a terrible love/hate relationship with his belt. I love it because it makes me feel he has the ultimate power over me. It's his belt, and his authority. Like I am his woman, and under his authority. I hate it, as even looking at him put his belt on in the morning makes me lower my eyes. If I think about it, I can feel the tingling in my ass.

As I laid there waiting, I thought about how lucky I am, that my Man, will do anything to help me, even if it's giving me the belting of a life time to relieve me of my stress, and calm me down.

He came in, and just looked at me.

Are you ready babe


you know, I'm going to belt you really hard


I want you to submit


I want to admit that you need it


that's not talking, tell me what you need babe

I can't

Yes you can, tell me what you need babe, and I'll give it to you

It took all my courage to say those words

I need you to spank me hard baby

Then that's what I'm going to give my baby

I heard the oh so familiar jingling of the belt being took off, and I braced myself, and that's how it started. Strap after strap fell on my ass, making me jump forward every time. Each stroke left a stinging pain in it's wake, and with every strike, I could feel the tension, and stress leave my body. He would alternate between lighter strikes, and really hard ones, that took my breath away. I moaned quietly in my pillow, and wriggled about, trying to find some comfort in it all. I wanted to yell STOP, please I'll be good, but then I remembered, this isn't discipline, this isn't punishment, this stress relief, so I would take myself back in to that head space, and let the spanking do it's job.

He didn't stop, I was a mess, I cried, and moaned, but not once did I say stop. I took it, all of it, and when I thought I couldn't take anymore, he gave me ten more really hard strokes, which made my ass feel like it's on fire.

He stopped, came over, started to rub my really sensitive ass, and kissed me on the back of the neck, and before I knew it, he slammed his hard cock, in one fluid movement in to my extremely wet pussy. I cried out, and then relaxed. He banged away, hard, till he came, then turned me round, and made sure I got what I needed. He played and rubbed, and squeezed, and tortured my pussy, till I came screaming, and falling apart around him.

What a stress relieving night :)


  1. Wow! First if all,I am so proud if you for not denying what you need. It's not always so easy to admit and accept who you are.

    Second, I LOVE Daddy's belt. My heart rate picked up just reading this. So hot!


  2. Thank you for writing this. Sometimes I struggle with the fact that we are playing, or doing stress relief and that Daddy probably spanks me harder than most women are spanked for correction.

    Yes there are moments when I want to cry out for it to stop, but I remember why we are there, and settle, and the tears fall hot and silent, and my heart begins to lighten, and that tickle starts at the back of my neck and spreads upwards through my head and pushing me to that floaty place, and downward through my body turning all my muscles to mush and I am flying. So is he...topspace he explains feels amazing, and he flies too.

    Making love in that, beyond anything most people could conceive of.

  3. This is beautiful.

    Its so liberating to be able to accept and embrace what we need, not always easy, sometimes challenging..but worthwhile..gosh yes.


  4. Hi
    I love when he hits me with the belt. He was hitting me really hard last week so I begged him to stop and he did. Looking back, I wish he would have kept going......
    btw: I found your blog from fondles' post.
    :} saturn

  5. Now that is some stress relief many of us could get behind- or well in front!